Contentstack + Memsource

Create a seamless translation process with our plug&play connector for Contentstack.

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+ Memsource

Create a Seamless translation process with our plug&play connector for Contentstack

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No more downloading and uploading files. Our Contentstack connector seamlessly sends content for translation when new content is detected.

Save time with automatic translation updates

Create scalable and cost efficient translation processes

Connect Contentstack to Memsource and use AI-powered machine translation for faster, cheaper, and more consistent translation.

Improve translation quality and consistency

Use Memsource's robust quality assurance features and translation glossaries to ensure the correct terminology is used across your content.

How does it work?

The  Contentstack connector helps you organize, automate, translate, and track your translation process in one centralized ecosystem. Create in Contentstack, then seamlessly and securely transfer content to Memsource. Once the translations are complete, automatically receive translations back in Contentstack– eliminating the need to push or pull content manually.

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© 2011-2021 Memsource 
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